5×5 m House Design (16×16 ft)


Code Plan: 1SHD-001

This Small House Plan has a dimension of 5 x 5 meters or 16 x 16 feet with a floor area of 25 square meters or 269 square feet.


If you have a small lot, looking for a bungalow house design, a 5 x 5 meter House Plan is the right design for you.

This traditional look is still preferred even these days, it is attractive due to the complexity of the roof design.



Dimension: 5 m x 5 m (16 ft. x 16 ft.)

Floor Area: 25 sq. m. (269 sq. ft.)


Estimated Cost:

Standard Finish: ₱250,000 – ₱400,000

Elegant Finish: ₱750,000 – ₱1130000


This House has:

Porch               1 Bedroom

Living              Toilet and Bath

Dining             Service Area





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